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User Adoption


With its intuitive interface, call flow intelligence, diagrams to aid advisors and straightforward search functions, Keyfax Inter•View is easy to use and starts delivering returns on investment from day one.

Keyfax Inter•View has been developed and honed specifically for customer services, with particular emphasis on social housing. As users across that sector have told us, Keyfax Inter•View is an exceptionally usable system.

Both advisors and residents immediately feel comfortable with Keyfax Inter•View, as it gives them the confidence and encouragement to deal with any enquiry. They are provided with easy access to the right information.

Keyfax Inter•View focusses on the resident, their enquiry and the delivery of service. It makes use of information both known and provided by the residents, to ensure all relevant information is utilised in providing a response. It automatically takes account of circumstances and other material information, to ensure a personalised service.

Helping You Handle Change

Need to change processes or policies? No problem. Keyfax scripts can be easily amended to include new topics or add extra processes. We typically train a small team of authorised users to carry out such changes within your organisation. They don't need to be technical experts - just committed to delivering quality services.




We found it very easy to understand and implement the Keyfax System.

Gary Lormor
East Durham Homes