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Intelligent Self-Service


Keyfax Inter•View Online utilises Call Flow Intelligence to take the lessons learnt from dealing with residents over the phone, to deliver services online.

With Call Flow Intelligence, a self-service conversation is related to the resident and their particular enquiry, using information already known about them, their tenancy and property. This understanding of the individual and their history is reflected in the types of questions asked, and used to guide the outcome.

Applying The Same Consistency

Not only is it important to be consistent between the service provided in the contact centre and through online self-service, it is also key to user adoption. The experience online needs to be at least as rewarding as talking to a knowledgeable advisor.

Applying The Same Intelligence

By utilising Keyfax Inter•View Online to provide Call Flow Intelligence, the same high level of customer service is available to residents both in the contact centre and online. Everything that is available through the contact centre can be made available online.

Being able to guide the resident through a logical and fully-explained set of questions that reflects an understanding of them as an individual, exactly as you would as an advisor, is of the essence of Call Flow Intelligence

The more intelligent and personal the experience, the more likely it is that Online self-service will succeed for both residents and landlords.



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Using Intelligence
To Transform Conversations


We found it very easy to understand and implement the Keyfax System. The Omfax team were excellent and quickly transferred the knowledge and understanding of the system to our people so they could build and tailor scripts in-house.

Gary Lormor, Customer Services Manager, East Durham Homes