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Intelligent Interactions

Using the data you hold on your residents to inform intelligent interactions.



Asking The Right Questions

Call Flow Intelligence uses information about the resident, their property and the nature of their call, to ensure appropriate questions are asked and the right response is determined. It uses this information to extract knowledge from supporting systems - their history of calls, their personal details and any information held about their property can be retrieved and used to more accurately and efficiently guide the advisor or resident.

Collecting Complete Information

Call Flow Intelligence ensures all appropriate information is gathered during the call, focussing on onbtaining the essential information to define the problem or enqury. This in turn ensures all necessary follow-up action and assistance is initiated, removing the need for a further call or a wasted site visit - getting it right first time.

Providing The Right Advice

Call Flow Intelligence also enables accurate and appropriate advice to be given every time. The flow of the conversation and the type of questions asked is dynamically determined to arrive at the appropriate diagnosis and ensure that advice provided is personal, relevant and accurate.

Personalising the Call

Transforming the conversation involves personalising the call to the individual. With Call Flow Intelligence,it is not just following a pre-set route that pays no regard to individual. The call flow, the route, reflects the knowledge of the person and the conversation can be based on their needs, their preferences and their established relationship with the organisation.



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Using Intelligence
To Transform Conversations


Keyfax ticked all the boxes for us. One of the biggest attractions was that it would integrate seamlessly with our existing housing management system, MIS Active-H.

Mandy Holian, Customer Service Contact Manager, Bromford Living