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Dynamic Call Flow Navigation


Keyfax Inter•View uses call flow intelligence to ensure calls are managed to achieve the best result:

So how does it work?
Call Flow Intelligence provides the appropriate questions to properly identify and diagnose the problem or query, collates and interacts with information about the resident, their property, their history and relationship with the organisation, to personalise the responses to the resident’s particular circumstances, and directs them through explanations to the appropriate service response. The outcome being the resident is given the right answer for them, every time.

Logical Call Flow

With Call Flow Intelligence, every call is handled expertly and personally, each and every time, to ensure there are consistently high standards in the way service is delivered.

Interactions Versus Transactions

Many interactions require a process initiation or transaction to take place; for example, taking a payment or scheduling a housing repair. Utilising Call Flow Intelligence ensures information is collated in line with the flow of the conversation together with the details already known about the caller, and the resultant enquiry details and service request is posted directly into the back-end system.



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Using Intelligence
To Transform Conversations




Over 80% of enquiries at the first point of contact were dealt with using Keyfax. An impressive achievement.

Lourdes Sharpe, Head of Customer Services, Solihull Community Housing