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Application Support


Omfax provides all Keyfax clients with a reliable technical and operational support service, with useful guidance and insights to help clients get the most out of the system.

Our Keyfax Support Service offers a telephone helpline for rapid fixes to problems. Solutions and guidance can be arranged swiftly via remote access and, where necessary, by site visits, to ensure we respond to issues quickly and effectively.

We are not just there when things go wrong. Our experienced and friendly team encourage our clients to share experiences, as well as provide advice and assistance in further expanding, developing and adapting their system - answering the 'how to' questions is all part of the service.  In addition, we arrange to carry out a full annual 'health check' review with all our clients, to assess their use of Keyfax and provide guidance and support to help them get the best out of their investment.

As well as immediate support, we also provide regular updates for Keyfax Inter•View when adding new features and functionality. Omfax Account Managers are available to discuss any additional requirements and are in regular contact with clients.

We also keep clients up-to-date through our User Groups, Online User Forum and annual conference, to encourage sharing of experiences and solutions.




We strongly believe that Keyfax has delivered significant benefits to all parties, including our residents, our advisors and ourselves.

David Hanley, Business Improvement Officer, Severnside Housing